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Training programme on KVK-Net at KVK Daleep Nagar on 22 June 2011

Report on Training programme on KVK-Net at KVK Daleep Nagar


On 22 June 2011, agropedia team visited KVK Daleepnagar. After a general briefing of the work going on in the agropedia project, the team demonstrated the working of KVK-Net. Two agricultural experts Dr. Vinod Kumar and Mr. Suneel Pandey and three engineers Mr. Jeetendra Singh, Deepti Gupta and Tulika Sharma from agropedia team visited the KVK. Five KVK scientists attended the training programme.  


KVK-Net is a social networking site for the researchers, scientists and other agriculture experts. It is a platform where the experts of one region can interact with the experts of other region. Currently, it is planned to launch it in U.P and Uttaranchal region only. After, its success it is planned to extend it to the other states of India.


Mr. Jeetendra Singh of IITK gave a live presentation on KVK-Net portal. He further explained in detail the various features of the portal. The KVK-Net portal has various options which make it interactive. To get oneself register in the portal one has to first create his account. User can send and receive messages, create blogs & discussion forums, comment on blogs & forums of other people and chat with other users online. Events can be created to schedule a meeting or workshop. Events are followed by Community. Community section is under review and would undergo change in terms of the theme on which communities are to be formed. Presently, it includes Potato, Rice, Fruit, and KVK communities available in the portal. Users can discuss issues as per the community in the relevant community page, like in fruit community the users can talk about all the fruit crops, in the Potato community people can discuss on the disease which affect the growth and production of Potato and so on. In the Newsroom section any agriculture related news item can be shared. To honour and recognize the Innovations, a separate page has been created with the title "Innovation" where a user can write his/her success stories or even of others. Alerts will display the urgent information that needs to be circulated like any sudden attack of insect pest, disease spread, and climatic conditions like drought, flood etc. Discussion Board is a forum, where a user can post any query. The KVK Directory consists of zone wise distribution of all the Krishi Vigyan Kendra's situated in India. The users can click on the links and can get detail information of the KVK of that particular zone. Users Location shows the place and the area a users belongs to. Any user one can send messages through Private messages and in the Message section a user can check his sent and received messages. The users can interact with the online users through chat. A chat window opens as you click on the name of the online user's. Any user can send invitation through Invite a friend and recommend a friend to join KVK-Net portal.