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Training on agropedia portal and Knowledge Models at GBPUA&T on 13-14 Oct, 2009


The IIT-K agropedia team visited GBPUA&T for training on agropedia portal on 13 & 14 October 2009. It was organized with a view to train the participants on using the agropedia site. IIT-K agropedia team members who conducted the training were Mr.Amit Tripathi a technical expert, Dr. Vimlesh Yadav and Dr. Amrendra Verma were among the agri-experts and Deepak the web designer of agropedia also attended the workshop to assist the workshop participants during the session. Around 25 students from GBPUA&T attended the training session on agropedia.

Hands On session:

The main focus of this training was the Hands On session. In this session we generally give practical training to the participants. The participants are asked to browse through the whole site and be familiar with the functions and basic features of the agropedia portal. They create their account and become a registered user of the site. In this session the participants learn, on how to search content, upload content to Library, Crop Calendar and Dos & Don'ts. In the Interaction section the participants learn the methods of creating a wiki page and adding it to agrowiki, writing a blogentry and uploading it to agroblog and posting a question or replying to the query posted in agroforum, replying to a comment and so on. In agrochat any registered user can do online chatting with the online agri-experts and have discussion on any topic related to agriculture.

Next in this session comes the Knowledge Models. The participants are demonstrated the procedure to prepare KMs.  KMs are prepared on the basis of guidelines prepared by our agri-experts. The agropedia agri-experts guide the participants on creating a knowledge model following those prepared guidelines.  After this the participants are asked to practice on preparing the knowledge models on some crops. Later, they are guided on how to upload it to the server. Our agropedia technical and agri-experts are always present there to guide and help the trainers.


This training helps the participants on accessing the site comfortably and be friendly with the site. The Hands On session remains the most interactive part as, the participants get the chance to know the whole site, access it and clear their doubts. With the warm co-operation of the participants it was easier for us to train them and end the training session.