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Tomato crop calendar for January month



Tomato crop calendar for January month

Name of Pest /Diseases
Damaging Symptoms  
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Fruit borer,

Helicoverpa armiger

  1. Rotting and premature dropping of fruits
  2. Fruits loose market value and unfit for consumption
  1. Marigold (African tall) as trap crop @ 1:16 rows. Plant trap crop 20 days before planting of tomato
  2. Release of egg parasitoid, Trichogramma chilonis @50,000/ week for six times
  3. Spray NSKE @ 5% and spray HaNPV @ 250 LE/h
  4. Spray carbary @ 4g/l  OR spinosad @ 0.1 ml/l  OR indoxacarb @ 0.3 ml/l

Early Blight of Tomato      


Small, isolated scattered, pale-brown spots appear on leaves.


Get seed from healthy source and treat them with Thiram-75 2.5gm/kg seed. Spray mancozeb (1gm/lit) and P. fluorescens (2gm/lit) as in the initial symptom appears or Hexacap (0.3%) at 8-10 days interval


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