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American boll worm is not a major or minor pest of american cotton since 2002 in Jind distt. of Haryana,India. Fortunately or unfortunately, now all the notified & recomended varieties of american cotton had been replaced by BT hybrids. Now a new insect called mealybug (Phenococcus solenopsis) having its origin in USA is becoming a potential threat to cotton cultivation. In such a critical situation,a blood sucking insect named big eyed bug(Geocoris spps) along with 37 predators, 3 parasitoids, 1 parasite and 3 pathogens will help the cotton growing farmers of distt Jind(Haryana) in particular and society as a whole. A big eyed bug is hereby in this video is enjoying sucking of body juices from a mealybug. But on seeing a big sized mealybug, he tries to inject toxins to the body of this new comer. But nature has equiped every organism with defence machenisms. In this video, newcomer mealybug uses this mechanism very efficiently to defend himself from the attack of bigeyed bug.

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