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Three-Tier Seed Programme: Sugarcane

Three-Tier Seed Programme

This programme is mainly based on heat therapy. It also encompasses various prophylactic measures to control insect pests and techniques for the production of healthy seed cane. Each tier of the programme is completed in one year and after third year the certified seed cane in made available to the farmers.

i)  Breeder Seed Cane

Genetically pure apparently healthy seed cane is taken from a plant crop unaffected with water logging, drought and insect pests. This seed cane is subjected to moist hot air treatment (MHAT) at 54oC and 95% RH for 4.0 hours. While for Hot water treatment temperature should be 500 C for 2.0-2.5 hours. The sets are treated with recommended fungicide before planting also examined to remove infected ones or with damaged buds. Planting in fields which are not prone to water logging and have assured irrigation supply. The crop is inspected at monthly intervals from the germination stage till harvest. If any diseased plant is observed, it is immediately rogued out. The pesticides should be used according to the need at different stages of crop growth. The seed cane so obtained is called Breeder Seed.

ii) Foundation Seed Cane

In the second year, Breeder seed cane is multiplied and the progeny thus obtained is called Foundation Seed. All the operations, except heat therapy, applied for raising breeder seed cane, are also applied for raising foundation seed. The crop is inspected three times, first after 45-60 days of planting, second after 120-130 days and third 15 days before harvest.

 iii) Certified Seed cane

Is distributed to farmers for commercial cultivation. Certified seed cane is also raised and no heat treatment is given to the seed obtained from foundation seed crop. The crop is inspected thrice as in case of foundation seed crop, but in this case only 25% of crop is inspected during first inspection and only 10% crop during the course of second and third inspections.


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