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Termites in sugarcane


(Coptotermes heimi Wasmann; Odontotermes assmuthi Holmgr; O. obesus Rambur; O. wallonensis Wasmann; Microtermes obesi Holmgr; Trinervitermes biformis Wasmann)

  • The termites attack setts, shoots, canes and also stubbles.
  • The termites gain entry through the cut ends or through buds of the setts and feed on the soft tissues.
  • The tunnel excavated is filled with the soil.
  • This affects germination and thus the initial crop stand and ultimately the cane yield. The germination failure could be up to 60%.
  • In the stalks the termites feed on the inner tissues leaving the rind intact. The cavity formed is filled up with moist soil, having galleries, in which, they move about. The affected canes die.
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