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Stems coated with soil. Damage symptoms :
  • Wilting and death of plants with a hole in the stem, just below the soil surface.

  • The stems are coated or 'sheeted' with soil .

  • Tunnels are seen in stem and roots when split.Damaged or dying plants due to disease or

  • mechanical injury are mostly attacked.

Description :

  • Social insects that form colonies in chambers below the soil surface.

  • Eggs are laid on plants and in the soil.

  • 'Workers' are small (4 mm) and have a soft, white

    body and a brown head .

Stems coated with soil.
Note the damage to the stem and
termite 'workers'

Control :

  • Seed treatment with aldrin or HCH.
  • Drenching of termite nests with aldrin or HCH solution.

  • Good cultivation practices to grow healthy plants.

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