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In-Tension of Ex-Tension: A New Paradigm for Extension Education

In-tension of Ex-tension Mediated Technology Transfer Model

By attaching the meaning to the term extension, "extending" relevant and useful information to the adult population at large, extensionist’s have assumed their responsibility on their own. Also they have tried their level best to differentiate education of extension science with formal education and they tried to find their own place in the ocean of education.

In all these efforts it is emphasized enough on the term ‘Ex-tension’, the term ‘In-Tension’ remained unexplored. What I mean to say is now it is opportune time to look into the term ‘in-tension’ holistically. The term ‘in-tension’ is conceptualized as “the degree to which the philosophy, content, ideas, notions, objectives, principles, theory and models of ‘ex-tension’ have been internalized by the extensionists”. The term Extension Education as defined by J. P. Leagans (1961) Extension education is an applied science consisting of content derived from research, accumulated field experiences and relevant principles derived from behavioural sciences synthesized with useful technology into a body of philosophy, principles, content and methods focused on the problems of out of school education for adults and youth. The definition is emphasizing on research output, service and education. These things can better be realized by internalizing the philosophy, content, ideas, notions, objectives, principles, theory and models of ‘ex-tension’ hence it is opportune time to ‘In-Tensionise’ the process of ‘Ex-Tension’ . In-Tensionised Extension at its root can provide potential answers to burning questions that are before development professionals. An understanding of the history of extension helps in understanding the concept of In-Tensionsionsed Extension.

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