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Sulphur fungicides Chemicals for Disease Control

Sulphur fungicides Chemicals for Disease Control

Sulphur fungicides are the oldest method of disease control. Inorganic sulphur is used in the form of elemental sulphur or as lime sulphur mixture. Elemental sulphur can be in dust form or. as wettable powder, the latter is used more commonly. However, the most popular fungicides in sulphur groups are the organic compounds known as dithio-carbamates. .Some of the important chemicals under dithiocarbamates are thiram, ferbam, ziram, nabam, zineb and maneb.

1. Thiram: The trade name for thiram, arasan, tundas, terson, tulisan, etc. It is a leading chemical for seed treatment for wheat, rice, gram, peas, mustard, linseed, sorghum and onion smut. It is also used in the control of foliage disease Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Protomyces.

2. Ferbam: Ferbam has been used as protectant fungicide against a wide variety of fungal diseases of fruits and vegetables.

3. Ziram: The trade names for Ziram are cuman, zerlate Karbam white, croozate etc. It is used against many foliar disease in field and orchard crops.

4. Nabam: The other names for Nabam are dithane D-14, parzate liquid or dithane is effective against leaf blights, early and late blight of potato and seedling blight caused by Pythiwn, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium spp.

5. Zineh: Zineb is also known as dithane Z- 78, parzate or lonacol. it is effective as foliar spray against late blight of potatoes and tomatoes, blast of rice, ripe rot of chillies and downey mildew of maize.

6. Maneb: Maneb is called as dithane M-22, manzate or dithane M-45. It is effective against bean anthracnose caused by Colletorrichum spp. downy mildew and anthracnose of cucurbits, fruit rot of chillies, citrus greasy spot caused by , Cercospora spp., maize leaf blight, and blights causeq by Alternaria, Phytophthora and Cercospora on crops.

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