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Sugarcane Irrigation scheduling according to season

 In general, there are 4 stages for irrigation:

Autumn and spring seasons:

  • In these periods, the atmosphere is fine and the plant is young for that the amount of water required is small.
  • The irrigation period is at every 25 days interval.

Summer Season:

  • The growth of plant in this period is very fast.
  • The plants need more water.
  • The irrigation is done at every 10-15 days interval.

Winter season

  • The growth of plant during this period is very slow.
  • Storage and translation of sugar from leaves to stems increases.
  • Stop irrigation before harvesting i.e. between 25-30 days before harvesting.
  • The plants need more water.
  • The irrigation period is at every 21 days interval.

Deficiency of water

  • Decrease length of internodes
  • Decrease amount of juice and increase percent of fiber
  • Decrease rate of germination
  • Decrease of sugar yield

Disadvantage of over-irrigation:

Death of buds, damage to roots, sugar content decreases, cane yield decreases and plant can not adsorb elements from soil and becomes yellowish.


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