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Stunting Disease in Pigeonpea

Root Knot


  1. Crop damage is limited to sandy or sandy soil patches in the field.
  2. Severity of disease increases where fusarium wiltinfection is prevalent.


  1. Aerial plants show no symptoms, but reduced plant vigor.
  2. Delayed flowering and leaf yellowing in some patches or whole field.
  3. Root galls (knots) on the roots (Fig.).

Root Galls (Knots) on the roots


  1. Select fields with no previous record of nematode infestation.
  2. Rotate pigeonpea with wheat to reduce nematode populations.
  3. Solarize soil in summer to reduce nematode populations.
  4. Soil application of chemicals such as Aldicarb, Carbofuran, Fensulfothion, and Phorate at 2 to 6 kg per ha.
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