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Stunt of Chickpea

Stunt : Bean (pea) leaf roll virus

Lesions on leaflets
General Information :
  • caused by Bean Leaf Roll Virus (BLRV).

  • Early sowing (September) and wider spacing favor stunt incidence.

  • The aphid vector (Aphis craccivora) activity also influences disease incidence.

Symptoms :

  • Affected plants can be easily spotted in the field by their yellow, orange, or brown discoloration and stunted growth .

  • Leaflets are small and yellow, orange, or brown.

  • In general, leaf discoloration is more pronounced in desi types.

  • The most characteristic symptom of stunt is phloem browning.

  • A transverse cut reveals a brown ring or a split through the collar region reveals brown streaks of discolored phloem vessels.

Lesions on leaflets
Died infected flowers
Dead infected flowers
Control :

Delay in the date of sowing reduce the disease in northern India.

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