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Storage pests of Sweet Sorghum: Rice moth

Storage pests of Sweet Sorghum: Rice moth

Nature of damage:

The larval stage of this insect is responsible for damage. It pollutes food grains with frass, moults and dense webbing. In the case of whole

grains, kernels are bound into lumps of upto 2 kg.


• Spot free uniformly pale buff brown color

• Wing expanse 25 mm

• Fore wings have dark veins

• Cocoons are dense white and tough

• Larvae with conical prolegs on abdominal segments.

Grains attacked:

Rice, jowar, other millets, whole cereals, cereal products, dais, processed products of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, nuts, dry fruits and milled spices are damaged by this insect.

Other information:

Larval stage is the most harmful stage in the insect life cycle. In optimum conditions (temperature 28°C to 32°C and relative humidity 75%) formation of adult from egg takes 4-5 weeks. It is more confined to rice growing areas of the country and attacks rabi grains very rarely. It is more common in dark stores. Infestation is normally limited to upper 45 ems only in bulk grains. The adult insect is not harmful.

Rice moth - Storage pest of Sweet Sorghum

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