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Storage pests of Sweet Sorghum: Grain Mite

Storage pests of Sweet Sorghum: Grain Mite

This is also called the flour mite or forage mite. This insect is active in the postrainy season.

Nature of Damage:

Important economic pest, it eats only the germ portion and imparts taint to the cereals.

Grains attacked:

Cereal grains, flour and other eatables.


• Very small in size

• Just visible to eye particularly when moving

• Translucent shiny round body

• The color ranges from pale straw to dark reddish brown

• If observed under magnified conditions, it is notable that these are not insects on account of following distinctive features :

i) Four pairs of legs present

ii) No wings and antennae

• The formation on floor is typical of mite infestation and in bagged storage dust formation is characteristic.

• If an infested sample is kept on the palm of your hand, an itching sensation indicates the presence of mites.

• Another method is to keep a teaspoonful of the material in a white enameled plate in a heap. Even a slight movement of mites would disturb the heap.

Other information:

A female lays approximately 100 eggs. The infestation is more in pit storage and in coastal areas.

 Storage pests of Sweet Sorghum: Grain Mite

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