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Sterility mosaic in pigeonpea

Sterility mosaic

Vector - Eriophyid mite, Aceria cajani (Eryophidae: Acari)

Local name: Banje roga/Goddu roga


  • Patches of bushy, pale green plants without flowers or pods.
  • The leaves are small and show a light and dark green mosaic pattern .
  • Mosaic symptoms initially appear as vein-clearing on young leaves.
  • When infection occurs at 45 days after emergence or later


  Cultural practices:

  • Disease plants uproot and burn.
  • Asha (ICPL 87119), can tolerate this disease.
  • In endemic areas use resistant variety ICP-7035

   Chemical control:

  • Spraying acaricide like dicofol 3 ml or sulphur 3 g in one litre of water to control mite vector in die early stages of plant growth is helpful.

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