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Stemphylium blight of Chickpea

Stemphylium blight
Lesions on leaflets
Lesions on leaflets
   General Information:
  • caused by Stemphylium Sarciniforme.

  • Excessive vegetative growth, high humidity, and cool weather (15-200C) favor disease development.

  • Usually affects the crop from the flowering stage onwards. 


  • Irregular, light brown lesions on the leaves, stems, and pods have dark margins.

  • Seeds from infected pods are discolored and shrivelled.

  • Lesions on the leaflets consist of roughly ovoid necrotic spots. The spots are dark brown at the center with a broad gray border.

  • Minute, dark brown, elongated spots also develop on the stems.   

   Control :

        A minor disease and does not require any specific control measure.

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