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Stem and pod rot

Stem and Pod Rot

Stem rot

  • The fungus attacks all parts of the plant, but stem infection is the most common and destructive.

  • Yellowing and wilting of branches near the base of the plant is the first symptom. 

  • White fungus growth develops at or near the soil around the affected stem.

Pod rot

  • Severely infected pods are completely covered with a white fungal growth, and eventually decay.

  • In some cases the seeds from the diseased pods show a characteristic bluish-gray discoloration known as 'blue damage'.


  • Cultural practices like deep ploughing, sanitation and control of leaf spots to prevent leaf drop helps in controlling stem rot.

  • Control of moisture, and soil solarization helps in controlling stem rot.

  • Crop rotation with cotton, wheat, onion and garlic is an effective means of control.

  • Seed treatment with Rhizolex or Captan at 2.5 g/kg seed reduce stem rot incidence.


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