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State wise varieties of Groundnut:Andhra Pradesh

State: Andhra Pradesh

Kadiri-2 (MK-374): It was released for Andhra Pradesh. It matures in 115-125 days. Plants height is 23-28 centimeter. It has two seeded bold pods. Seeds are of medium size and of brownish rose color. Its seeds contain 43.75 per cent oil. Shelling percentage is 76. It has ayield potential of 17 to 20 quintals per hectare.  

Kadiri-3 (Robout-33-1): It matures in 100-110 days. Plants are smaller in size and bear pods close to root zone and can be easily uprooted by hand pulling. It bears two seeded pods. Seeds are purple in color, medium sized and oblong in shape. Its seeds contain 44.7 per cent oil. Its shelling out turn is 72 per cent. Average crop yield is about 17-20 quintals per hectare.

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