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State wise varieties of Groundnut: Madhya Pradesh

State wise varieties of Groundnut


Madhya Pradesh

Jyoti: It is bunch type of variety with dark green foliage. It matures in 95-110 days. It is susceptible to tikka disease. It is suitable for growing in Madhya Pradesh. It yields about 12-15 quintals per hectare under rainfed conditions and 20-22 quintals per hectare under irrigated conditions. Seeds are bold and contain 53 percent oil. Its shelling out turn is 78 percent.

Jl-24: It matures in 85-87 days. Seeds are of medium size (45 per 1000 seeds) and of rose color. Its yield potential is 18-23 quintals per hectare. It has 72 percent shelling out turn and 50.7 percent oil. It is suitable for growing in Maharashtra. It is a bunch type variety.

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