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Spotted pod borer

Spotted pod borer: (Maruca testulalis) (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)

Damaging systems:

  • The maggot feeds on the developing grain.
  • The infested pods do not show any external evidence of damage until the fully grow larvae chew holes in the pod walls.These bore the grains and make the tunnel in them.
  • This hole provides an emergence "window" through which the adults exit the pod.
  • Damaged grains do not mature and due to excreta fungus may develop in the grain.
  • The infested grains loose their viability


  • The adult are brown forewings with white club shaped marking and hind wings are white with irregular blotch.

  • The larva is whitish-green.

  • The eggs are oval and yellow laid in small batches commonly on terminals.


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