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Sowing time and method for Sweet Sorghum

Sowing time and method for Sweet Sorghum

Sweet sorghum can be grown during rainy season (kharif), post rainy season (rabi) and summer season depending upon the availability of soil moisture / irrigation sources and with suitable temperature regimes.

Kharif crop (June–October):  Sowing should be taken immediately after the onset of monsoon, preferably from first week of June to first week of July, (depending on the onset of monsoon). Sow the seeds (two to three) in a furrow opened by the bullock drawn plough or locally available implement. In the ridges and furrow method, planting is done on the top or side of the ridge at 5 cm depth at a distance of 10-15cm by planter as hand sowing is laborious, time consuming and costly exercise. In this method, the rainwater is conserved in the furrow and avoids water logging. Make sure that soil has fully charged with rainwater or irrigation at least in the top 15 cm soil (plough layer) to ensure good and uniform germination and seedling emergence. 

Rabi crop (October–February): Plantingshould be done from last week of September to October end. The night temperature should be above 15OC at the time of sowing. Irrigate the crop if there is no rainfall at the time of sowing to ensure uniform germination and establishment. Ridges and furrow method of planting should be followed to conserve irrigation water similar to rainy /kharif crop.

Summer crop: Planting is done from mid-January to February end under supplemental irrigated conditions. The night temperatures should be above 15OC at the time of sowing. Summer planting on ridges and furrow will enable to realize excellent cane yield provided irrigation water is available.

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