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Sowing practices in Sweet Sorghum

 Sowing in Sweet Sorghum

  • Deep black soil (Vertisol) or deep red loamy soil ( Alfisol ) with a soil  depth of  ³ 1.0m is preferred.
  • Seed rate 8-10 kg ha-1.
  • Treat the seed with Carbendazim or Thiram @ 2g per kg of seeds and with Azospirillum @ 600 g per 10 kg of seeds
  • Spacing: 45-60 cm ×12-15 cm; (Row to row distance: 45-60 cm; & plant to plant distance: 12-15 cm)
  • Two to three seeds are dibbled in each hill/planting hole and the seedlings are to be eventually thinned to one per hill.
  • If a planter is used, then the existing seed rate will be reduced to 8 kg
  • Pre monsoon sowing or dry sowing of sweet sorghum is effective for improving rainfall use efficiency as the crop takes advantage of early monsoon without considerable effect on germination
  • Sowing in June for rainy season; sowing starts in October for postrainy season. However, sowing should be avoided during cold months, under summer irrigated, sowing during February is feasible
  • Delayed sowing of sweet sorghum beyond 5th July, attracts shoot fly
  • Crop rotation with legumes is necessary for sustainability of yields on long term basis. 
  • Sweet sorghum/pigeon pea (2:1) intercropping is also viable in vertisol.
  • Dry sowing cum fertilizer application with tropicultor.
  • Planting on light shallow soils should be avoided.
  • The ideal pH range is 5.0-8.5


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