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We are living the twentieth century life and technology has travelled a long way to make our lives convenient and allow ourselves to spread over more vast and distinct horizons. Specialisation in a particular domain is necessary as per rules of economic activity, but definitely our shackles are loser now............and so individual diversification has grown over the years.

But definitely, technology cannot provide the means to scale what incentivises human mind to grow at a certain is us who needs to device the "Incentives" to encourage human  beings to walk up the social ladder. The urge to do something more or the target to achieve something higher must be encrusted with a reward to the individual endeavour..........this is the "reward theory" by which one gets paid according to the effort he puts into the societal operations. And this reward comes in the form of either economic gain or  social recognition. Sociologists believe that above all economic rewards there is a final and core reward in recognition among peers and in Society. So before we lift up the motives to participate in agricultural activities, we need to justify the reward that underlies this activity in our society.

These words were just a prelude to simply state one our country AGRICULTURE IS STILL THE OCCUPATION THAT FEEDS UPON THE TOIL OF 60% OF THE POOR AND ILLITERATE MASS. THE UNDERDEVELOPMENT LIES IN THE ANTICIPATION OF THE PARTICIPANTS THAT BEHOLDS THAT THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIETY'S PRODUCTIVITY WOULD BE LOOKED DOWN UPON. HENCEFORTH,  ALL THOSE WHO GET A CHANCE OF RIDING OUT OF THE BACKWARDNESS OF AGRICULTURAL LIVELIHOODS HARDLY RETURN. They rather join the mass of people that belittles this activity and our human capital that was due to accumulate in this sector flows back into the stream of the ADVANCED SOCIETY. All efforts to improve this activity into the string that balances the operation of our society fails...........only industries and no agriculture would doom any society. Then society would fail to feed the growing labor force and increasing inflation would turn this society into a non-sustainable unit. The backbone would be broken without the cost we pay for our mistake is tantamount, nothing can justify our attitude of undermining the respect  that this sector has earned.

The real experiences are that we deny the status that Agriculture deserves and our visually challenged attitude pumps out all the incentives from this sector, this further forces out all interest to develop this sector into a profitable business holding. If the Insiders find they are being neglected or denied access to the advantages forwarded to all else, they have no reasons to retain their identity as farmland specialists............they lose their roots and specialisation. Hence,  they lose their Comparative Advantage vis-a-vis other sectors. This is a drain of human capital, mainly due to the absence of social recognition, from the agricultural sector, the farmer's young son who is a graduate from an Agricultural University is ashamed of revealing that he belongs to the farmland and in order to maintain the social status that he supposedly has gained, he stays away from his piece of land and thinks that he fits better as a Government Employee or Professor of Agriculture under an University......but all the knowledge that he had gained over the years gets lost in vain, it never reaches the field that his father had toiled on...........all the Capital Formation flows into another sector that thrives on the gains from it.

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