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Small Farmer-Happy Farmer: Experiences of Farm Innovators

 Small Farmer-Happy Farmer: Experiences of Farm Innovators

Innovative Farmers (14) of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh shared their innovative experiences in the Annual Zonal Workshop of 81 KVKs of Zone IV (U.P. and Uttarakhand) organized at SVPUAT, Meerut during 20-21 May, 2012. ‘Small Farmer- Happy Farmer’ was one of the focal points from the presentations made by the small farmers. Shri Sethpal Singh (Saharanpur) claimed higher income from vegetable cropping system and raising the organic carbon in the soil between 0.6 to 0.8. Similarly, Shri Azam Khan (Saharanpur) spoke on technique of managing old mango orchards and harvesting fruits (Chausa variety) valued up to Rs 37000 per plant annually.  He basically opted for window opening for better light and aeration leading to higher yield. Shri Rajpal Singh (Saharanpur) another innovator shared his experiences of earning Rs. 2.4 lakh per ha from peach based system and up to Rs. 4 lakh per ha from litchi along with vegetables as inter crops.

Shri Jitendra Tyagi (Muzaffarnagar) cited his experiences of turmeric cultivation and its processing at domestic level. Shri Surendra Kamboj (Muzaffarnagar) cited his experiences of earning Rs. 2.25 lakh per ha from gladiolus cultivation. Shri Devnarayan Patel (Lucknow) who owns 1.4 ha land, earns about Rs. 3-4 lakh per year from combinations of different crops like onion, garlic, mentha, satavar and bee keeping. The group honey production initiated by his group of farmers, has contributed in production of honey valued Rs. 3.5 to 4.0 crore annually. Shri Ranbir Singh (Mainpuri) shared his innovations of raising summer groundnut after potato which has spread to 16 districts of central Uttar Pradesh. Shri Samar Singh Bhadauria (Kanpur) informed about oil extraction technique from marigold’s stems and leaves which are generally thrown away as waste and thus the extraction leads to extra income. More than 125 mini plants have been established in the district. Similarly, Shri Ram Kishan (Muzaffarnagar) mentioned about sugarcane-banana intercropping system for higher return per unit area.

The zonal workshop was inaugurated by Dr. A.K. Bakshi, Vice Chancellor, SVPUAT, Meerut.  Dr. A.K. Singh, Zonal Project Director highlighted the 12th plan initiatives like carp hatchery, diagnostics, integrated farming systems, rainwater harvesting, web enabled technology dissemination, technology cafeteria, specialized KVKs, mini seed processing facility, strengthening of ATICs, etc. to be taken up. Special mention was made about Farmer FIRST project, Farm Innovation Fund and the concept of e-farmers to be pursued in 12 plan and the role of KVKs in this context.

Progress of 81 KVKs was critically reviewed by the team of experts including Dr. YPS Dabas, Dr. OP Singh, Dr. Kanti Prasad, Dr. Babu Ram, Dr. Atar Singh, Dr. Lakhan Singh and Dr. RP Maurya.

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