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Site Selection for nursery management:

Site Selection for nursery management:

Critical points needed to be considered while selecting nursery area are:

  • Area selected should be well drained, and free from water logging
  • There should be proper sunlight,
  • The nursery should be near the water supply so that irrigation can be easy.
  • The area should be well protected from pet and wild animals

Soil Quality

  • Raising of vegetable seedlings requires fertile and healthy soil.
  • Preferably, the soil for nursery should be loam to sandy loam, loose and friable, rich in organic matter and well drained.
  • The soil pH should be close to the neutral i.e. about 7.0

Soil preparation

  • It needs a deep cultivation of the nursery land either by soil turning plough or by spade and subsequent 2-3 hoeing with cultivator.
  • After that all the clots, stones and weeds from the field should be removed and land should be leveled.
  • Mix 2 kg well rotten and fine Farm yard manure/compost or leaf compost or 500 g vermi compost per square meter and mix in the soil. If the soil is heavy mix 2-3 kg sand per square meter so that the seed emergence may not be hampered.

Soil treatment: 

For raising the healthy seedlings, soil must be treated to make it pathogen and pest free.

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