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Shoot system of wheat

  • Tillers: The tillers have the same basic structure as the main shoot. These arise from the axils of basal leaves. At anthesis most of the tillers bear productive ears, however, a few remains sterile.
  • Spikelet : Spikelet is compose of the flowers called florets.  The number of floret in a spikelet may vary from 1-5.  The floret in rach spikelets are enclosed by two glumes.
  • Florets: The florets are small in size, hermaphrodite, incomplete and regular.  The outer covering of the floret is made up of a lemma and a palea.  The lemma enfolds the palea near their attachment point. If an awn is present then it is attached to the lemma.

                     Root system of wheat-florets

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