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Sheath blight management in organic basmati rice

Sheath blight:

Causal organism: Rhizoctonia sohani (Thanatephorus cucumeris)

  • High humid and warm temperature favours the disease.
  • Close planting and heavy fertilization tend to increase the incidence of the disease.
  • The number of sclerotia in contact with plants is the cause of primary infection.

                                           Sheath blight               


  • Spots or lesions occur mostly on leaf sheath.
  • Spots first appear near the waterline in fields. They are greenish grey, elliptical or oval and about 1 cm long and become grayish white with brown margins.
  • Under humid conditions, the mycelium of the fungus may grow upward to infect other leaf sheaths and leaf blades touching each other.
  • In severe infections, all leaves of a plant may be blighted.


  • Reduce nitrogen and spacing.
  • Grow tolerant varieties - Krishna, CR 44-11, Saket-1, Pankaj, T 141, Ptb 21, Swarnadhan
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