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Serious trends in agriculture

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Modern agricultural research is more focused on the laboratrical experiments. i am not disfavouring this trend but as per the demand of time this rush for genome characterization , mapping etc in long run is not going to help us unless we orient our programmes towards a collaborative information building research. Infact this all run in present seems to be a run foe publication purposes; but in this rush we are forgetting that these papers are not going to feed the enormous mass we are adding every year to our population; i feel ourself lucky for all the funds we are getting by this time so that we could gear ourself in this publication race period, but a futuristic analysis would show us the uglyest time which is in near future and there nobody will bother about our publicatiion but will see the actual information we have delivered.

the information which is of actual use to somebody for something; and not merely a repetition.

Through this blog i argue all our future agriculture scientists to realize their value and rely on their potential to discover atlest one thing new in their thesis.

Because working on what is already known is so common and resy but character expresses when we are able to explain the differences found in our experiment/ thesis. Any discomfort to anybody is deeply regreted, and support by even a single would make this succcessful.

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Getting ones hands dirty


You have touched upon a key problem in the area of academic research.  Unfortunately this problem is here to stay unless more "respect" is accorded to applied research, which means, getting your hand dirty and doing something which directly affects real people.  Nowehere is this more needed than in agriculture.  agropedia is like a bridge to link applied researchers and celebrate their acheivements as they are doing agriculture a far greater service than the laboratory based scientist.  Agriculture needs more thinkers like you!

Got my hands in it already.

Dear friend,

I already have done with my part towards some fruitful research with some benifit.

In my M. Sc. programme i was given Oats to work upon with no choice; entering in Ph. D. we are given choice to select our crop and i chosed to continue with my own made material i generated in my M. Sc. programme. because i have seen that in this platform which we work we shuffle from one crop to other generating iteverytime and conversely are unable to find some unreaveled or detailed aspects of a crop.

i decided to stay with Oats coz i want to go ahead with the plant generations and study more deeper.

to my view in India a single crop should be given to students for their all programmes so that the just dont brush up every crop but find some contribution to research.

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