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Semiloopers of Chickpea

Semilooper larva
Pod damage

Damage symptoms:

  • Larvae feed upon leaflets and pods.

  • When pods are attacked, much of the pod wall is eaten and the damage is ragged and irregular. This is in contrast with the neat, and round hole, characteristic of pod borer damage.

Description :

  • Moths have typically patterned forewings.
  • Eggs are laid in clumps of 40 eggs or more on the leaflets.
  • The larva (25 mm long) are green semiloopers.

  • Pupation occurs in the soil.

  • A single generation lasts about 4 weeks.

Control :

  • Only occasional pest in chickpea.
  • Management is similar to pod borer as these two species tend to occur in mixed populations.
  • Endosulfan may give adequate control.
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