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Sell Bengal gram immediately after harvest to get better price: UAS Advisory

Sell Bengal gram immediately after harvest to get better price: UAS Advisory
Kharif grown Bengal-gram is steadily entering into markets of north Karnataka. Uncertain
prices at harvest have made the farmers to think about the time and place of selling the produce. Under
such a fix, to help the farmers to take right decision regarding place and time of sale of the commodity,
the prices of Bengal-gram that would prevail in major markets of north Karnataka after harvest have
been predicted by the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) established in the
Department of Agri-business Management, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.
Monthly modal prices of Bengal-gram were collected from the leading Bengal-gram market,
Bidar for the past 20 years and were analyzed by using rigorous time series analytical models and
reliable forecast prices that would prevail in this market during the months of September, October and
November 2012 were established. The output prices were cross verified with the opinions of traders,
agricultural scientists and progressive farmers to fine tune the forecast prices. The prices from other
major markets and government policies with regard to marketing of pulses in general and Bengal-gram
in particular, were also considered to come up with accurate price forecasts.
According to price forecasts and opinions of traders and suggestions of the experienced
farmers, per quintal prices of Bengal-gram would be around Rs.4000- 4500 in the month of September,
Rs.4200-4600 in the months October and November in Bidar market. Because of lack of good
monsoon this year, the expected arrival of Bengal gram to the market will be very low. Hence there
will be increase in the price as compared to last year and the farmers are unable to take the advantage
of storage since there is no expectation of raise in price in the upcoming months. Hence, the farmers
are advised to sell their produce immediately after harvest to get better price. Bold seeded well dried,
clean grains would fetch better prices in the market. Hence, farmers need to keep these points in mind
while preparing the product for the market.

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