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Seed treatment of paddy

Seed treatment for paddy

Ingredients :

  • Local / indigenous egg (hen), salt, water, container.

Procedure :

  • Take 15 litres of water in a 40 litre capacity bucket.
  • Immerse egg in the water to test its purity. The egg is said to be pure if it sinks in water but if it floats vertically.
  • It should be discarded and replaced by a good one.
  • Go on adding the crystal salt to the water by stirring mit continuously till 25% of the egg is visible.
  • One kilo of salt will be usually sufficient for one bucket of water.
  • Add 15 kilos of paddy to the water and remove the chaffy seeds that float on water.
  • Soak these seeds in salt water for fifteen minutes and collect the treated seeds of paddy from the bottom of the bucket. Wash it with clean water two times and dry it in shade.

Uses :

  • Eradication of seed borne diseases.
  • Prevents seed rotting, damping off, Leaf spot diseases.
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