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Seed treatment in Bengalgram with Trichoderma viride

Bengalgram is a major Rabi pulse crop grown in India. Due to monocropping in bengalgram for many years, the soil borne diseases like wilt and dry root rot have increased in recent years, damaging the crop considerably. To overcome this, farmers apart from chemical seed treatment are using higher seed rate. Thouch chemical seed treatment is done it is effective for vegetative period only. As a permanent solution, these days the microbial fungicide - Trichoderma viride is being used in a big way. 

In efficiency of biofungicide, the very question is establishment of fungal bio agent in the soil. To increase the establishment of the fungus in the soil, the immediate need is to see that it gets starter food for its establishment in the surrounding soil. For this, instead of recommending use of large quantities of farm yard or organic manures, it is better if we apply a handful of decomposed powdered FYM along with T.v. formulation for treating the seed.

When sown, the seeds treated like this will germinate better, they retain moisture better, apart from ensuring better germination of bioagent. The diseases wilt and dry root rot were also effectively managed compared to normal chemical seed treatment, if practiced continuously for a period of 2-3 seasons in the same piece of land. 

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