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Seed spacing in Pearl millet


Sowing distance


The distance between row to row of plants, and plant to plant within a row can be varied depending on the method of sowing. However it should be remembered that the sowing distance determines the optimum plant stand requirement.In general, if ridges are formed 45 cm apart, then the plants should be 12 to 15 cm apart within a row. If broad bed and furrow method is adopted, then the plant rows will be 60 cm apart on the bed and the distance between plants should be 10 cm to get the optimum population.

Thinning in Pearl Millet

               Thinning in Pearl Millet

If there are excess plants than the optimum plants (18 plants per sq m), then excess seedlings are thinned out when the plants are 12 to 15 cm in height. Any gaps found in the row could be filled by transplanting the plants available from the thinning operation.

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