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Seed sowing in Pearl millet


Sowing of Pearl Millet

The seeds are sown either by

  • broadcasting seed manually,

  • sowing behind country plough using pora,

  • using an improved seed drill which may or may not be fitted with hoppers for fertilizer application,

  • using mechanical seed drills attached to a tractor.

Manual sowing by broadcasting the seed is practiced when the area to be sown is small. After broadcasting, the seeds are covered by running a brush harrow. The germination my not be uniform in hand sowing, and so one has to use a higher seed rate to get the optimum plant stand in the field.

Country seed drill

         Country seed drill

A country seed drill called pora i.e. a wooden hopper attached to a hollow bamboo (Fig.) is used to sow the seeds in the shallow furrows opened by the tines of a country plough. A larger area can be covered with this method of sowing.

Seed cum fertilizer drill

               Seed cum fertilizer drill


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