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Seed certification

In general, seed certification is a process designed to maintain and make available to the general public continuous supply of high quality seeds and propagating materials of notified kinds and varieties, so grown and distribution to ensure the physical identity genetic purity.                         

Delouche and Potts (1971) defined seed certification as a legally sanctioned system for quality control of seed multiplication and production.   

Objectives and seed certification  

The main objective of the seed certification is to ensure the acceptable standards of seed purity germination, viability ,vigour and seed health .Douglas(1967) enumerates that a well organized seed certification  should help in accomplishing the following three primary objectives.

        I.            The systematic increase of superior varieties.

        II.           The  identification of new varieties and their rapid increase under appropriate and generally accepted names

        III.           Provision for continuous supply of comparable material by careful maintenance                          

Eligibility requirements for certification 

Any notified variety to become eligible for seed certification should meet the following requirements    

        I.            General requirements;

       II.            Field standards;

       III.            Specific requirements;

       IV.            Seed Standards;

Phases of Seed Certification 

Seed certification shall be carried out in six broad phases listed as under:

1.       Verification of seed source, class and other requirements of the seed used for raising the seed crop

2.       Receipt and scrutiny of application;

3.       Inspection of the crop in the field to verify its conformity to the prescribed field standards;

4.       Supervision at post-harvest stages including processing and packing ;

5.       Drawing of samples and arranging for analysis to verify conformity to the seed standards;

6.       Grant of certificate, issue of certification tag, labelling, sealing etc

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