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Seed and Sowing for Chickpea

Seeds & Sowing

 Seedling vigour and seed size

Seed treatment

Seed treatment with a mixture of 2g thiram+ 1g carbendazim kg-1 seed is effective in reducing seed rot and damping off diseases.

Seed size

Use the graded seeds as seedling vigor depends on seed size.

Seeding depth
A depth of 5-7 cm seems to be ideal for the emergence of chickpea.

Method of sowing

Drilling the seed is commonly practiced. In high rainfall areas seed is broadcast on flat seed bed.

Important agronomic considerations
  • Good quality seed

  • Adequate amount of seed

  • Seed tratment to prevent seed and seedling rots

  • Proper seedbed preparation

  • Proper seeding.

Seed Size
Seed Rate

 Small (less than 20 g )

 50-60kg ha

Medium (20-30 g)

60-90 kg ha

Large (30-40g)

90-120 kg ha

Extra Large(more than 40 g)

120-150 kg ha

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