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Sedge weeds of Chickpea 

    Sedge weeds of Chickpea:

     Cyperus esculentus: Yellow Nut Sedge (Motha)

  • Yellow nutsedge emerges as a pale green spike, similar in appearance to grass seedlings.
  • Yellow nut sedge is an erect, grasslike perennial.
  • The leaves arise from a central triangular stem to form a clump that grows 1 to 3 feet high.
  • Leaves are V-shaped, 3 to 12 mm wide, yellow-green, smooth and shiny or waxy on the upper surface.
  • Yellow nutsedge seed heads are straw coloured










    Cyperus rotundus: Nut Grass or Coco Grass (Motha)

  • Although nutsedges are often referred as "nutgrass"and resemble grasses, they are not grasses but truesedges.
  • Their leaves are thicker and stiffer and are arrangedin sets of three at the base.
  • Nutsedge stems are solid, and when looked at incross section, they are triangular.
  • Nutsedge has three long, leaf like bracts at the baseof each flower head.

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