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Secondary and micro nutrients in sugarcane

Secondary and micro nutrients in sugarcane

Deficiency Symptoms:


  • Mottling and chlorosis of older leaves.
  • Spindles often become necrotic at the leaf tip and long margins.
  • Rusty appearance and premature death of older leaves.


  • Chlorotic young leaves. 
  • Narrower and shorter leaves with faint purplish tinge.
  • Slender stalks.


  • Mottled or chlorotic appearance at the tip and margins.
  • Red necrotic lesions resulting in "rusty" appearance.
  • Internal browning of rind.         

magnesium in sugarcane

Fig: Magnesium Deficiency symptom


  • Green splotches with leaves eventually showing bleaching.
  • Stalk and meristems lack turgidity.
  • Reduced internodal length and tillering.


  • Varying degrees of chlorosis.
  • Interveinal chlorosis from tip to base of leaves.


  • The deficiency symptom can be recognized by the stunted growth and patchy appearance.


  • Distorted leaves.
  • Formation of translucent lesions or water sacks along leaf margins.
  • Brittle and bunched with many tillers.
  • Death of apical meristem.


  • Short longitudinal chlorotic streaks on the top one-third of the leaf.
  • Short and slender stalks.
  • Slow vegetative growth.


  • Occurrence of interveinal chlorosis from leaf tip towards the middle of leaf.
  • Bleaching of leaves under severe deficiency.  
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