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Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Chickpea

Sclerotinia stem rot
Rotting of branches
Rotting of branches
    General Information:
  • caused by Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum.

  • Excessive vegetative growth, high soil moisture, and cool weather (20oC) favor disease development.

  • It can affect the crop at any stage.

      Symptoms :

  • Chlorotic or drying branches or whole plants scattered in the field. Such drying plants or branches rot at the collar region or at any point on the branch.

  • Plants/branches turn yellow, or droop while remaining green. Later dry up and turn straw colored. A web of white mycelial strands appears at the collar region and above and may cover the base of the branches.

  • Whitish or brownish mycelial strands on branches, or inside the stem .

Lesions on the stem and drying branches
Lesiona on the
stem and drying branches
Control :

A minor disease and does not require any specific control measure.

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