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SC bans Endosulfan

SC bans Endosulfan

The Supreme Court banned the production, distribution and use of Endosulfan because the pesticide has debilitating effects on human and the environment. A three-judge bench of Chief Justice Mr. S. H. Kapadia, Mr. Justice K S Radhakrishnan and Mr. Swatanter Kumar passed the order after hearing a petition filed by the Democratic Youth Federation of India. The petition said the use of pesticide for optimizing agricultural production was creating an alarming danger to health and safety of human beings in general and agricultural workers in particular. The petition said Endosulfan also had hazardous effects on the environment.

The bench said it was concerned about right to life of the citizen guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution and even the companies involved in the manufacturing of the controversial pesticide can not ignore corporate and social responsibility by ignoring the hazards posed to human lives.

(Source: 13 May 2011 The Statesman)

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