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safflower rust

Rust (Puccinia carthami)

Nature of Damage:

  • Seedling infection causes twisting towards one side. Chestnut brown pustules are formed on hypocotyls leading to collapse of seedling.
  • On older plants girdling and hypertrophy of the stem base may occur. Small powdery chestnut brown pustules of 1-2 mm in size develop on leaf surface which later turn black.

Cultural Control:

  • Seed the crop at the recommended time.
  • Avoid growing in low-lying areas and flooding under irrigation.
  • Avoid continuous growing of safflower.
  • Remove and destroy the diseased plants.
  • Do not delay irrigation until the crop exhibits moisture stress symptoms.

Chemical Control:

  • One or two sprays of Calixin (0.05) or Dithane M-45 (0.25%) at 15 days interval.

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