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Safflower production technology


Depth of sowing

For better stands, follow line sowing using improved seed drills or fertilizer-cum-seed drills available in different regions. Seeds can be sown behind the plough also. Place the seed at a depth of about 5 cm in the moist zone to facilitate good germination and emergence. Cover the seed with heavy plank.

Method of sowing

In scarcity zone of Maharashtra, follow border method of planting (skipping one row after every two rows and opeining a furrow in the skipped row).

In Telangana region, tied ridges and furrows system and closing the furrow every 10 m helps in better soil moisture conservation and resulted in 26% higher seed yield than normal method of planting of safflower.

Seed Treatment

Seeds should be treated with thiram, captan or carbendazim @ 3 g/kg seed before sowing to prevent losses from seed and soil borne diseases. In Chhattisgarh, presoak the seeds in pure water for 24 to 48 hrs. and shade dry for about 4 hrs. Thereafter, treat the seeds with fungicide before sowing.


For Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the recommended spacing is 45 x 20 cm.
For Karnataka, in deep black soils, the recommended spacing is 60 x 30 cm.
For Chhattisgarh, under rice fallows, the recommended spacing is 30 x 15 cm



Thin the excess seedlings within 10-15 days after emergence and maintain the desired plant to plant spacing. This practice increases the seed yield by 15 to 30% under rainfed conditions. This practice is very important to realize the potential yield but generally neglected by the farmers.








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