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Rust in Pearl millet


Economic Importance Of Rust Disease

Pearl millet rust has been observed throughout India. In northern India, the disease does not frequently occur until flowering time in September when temperatures are somewhat moderate. In other regions of the country, rust may attack even the seedling stage, causing substantial reduction in yield.

Symptoms of Rust Disease
The distal half of the leaf is commonly infected first, then sori (fungal body) spread over both surfaces of leaves, as reddish pustules, but more occur on the surface.

Necrotic spots may develop around group of pustules, and premature drying of the leaves may result.

Rust in Pearl millet

Management of Rust Disease

  • Rust causing fungi develop on many grass-weeds. These weeds help in spreading the disease to pearl millet crop. So, good weed control practice help reduce the rust disease in pearl millet. Growing of rust resistant cultivars are advised in rust endemic areas. Some inbred lines like P.T. 814/3 from Tamil Nadu show resistance to rust. Dusting sulphur and similar inorganic chemicals applied frequently enough do control rust but this may not be economical to the farmers growing pearl millet for grain.


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