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Rust in Chickpea


Lesions on lower surface of leaflets

Lesions on
lower surface of leaflets

   General Information:

  • caused by Uromyces ciceris-arietini.
  • Cool and moist weather favors rust buildup.

    Symptoms :

  • Appears first mainly on the leaves as small, round or oval, cinnamon brown, powdery pustules . These pustules tend to coalesce. Sometimes a ring of small pustules can be seen around larger pustules, which occur on both leaf surfaces but more frequently on the lower one.

  • Occasionally pustules can be seen on stems.

  • Severely infected crop looks rusty because the foliage is coated with rust pustules.

  • Plants may dry up prematurely.

   Control :

A minor disease and does not require any specific control measure.   

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