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Rubber Policy

National Research Programme on Plantation Development (NRPPD)


I was a stakeholder participated in the discussion on Rubber Growers group. Unfortunately non of my points included in the presentation by Sri Siby Monipally. The Audio  available as a Video Clip in Youtube with the presentation of Sri Siby Monipally and Adv Lalajibabu.
My points are:-
1. Join hand with workforce, growers, dealers and the manufacturers.
(i) Start from workforce. An electronic device must be invented by the Rubber Research Institute to detect the quality of latex. The result must control on tapping intervals. So that non of the grower can blame the Tapper. Benefit from this will be better yield from rubber trees for a long duration and re-planting can be reduced.
(ii) Rubber growers have to process rubber quality rubber sheets to boost the Indian economy. BICP is calculating the cost of manufacturing and publish the same on sites. Rubber Board have to publish Cost of Production on their site.
(iii) Dealers must display Grade wise sheets approved by the Rubber Board with daily price. The old aged visual grading system permits the dealer on low priced purchase at lower grade and sell them at higher grade and price which is harmful to grower and manufacturer. Solution is a technical computerised grading system must be introduced for the purchase and sale on same grade.
(iv) Manufacturers must interact with farmers groups through Rubber Producer Societies on the requirements on quality and supply. It will help the price fluctuations in the market.
2. Rubber Board must be transparent to join hands with each other.
(i) Mathematical error in Indian Rubber Statistics must be stopped urgently.
(ii)The reduced figure of balance stock is an evidence of irregularities.
(iii) Rubber Board have all details of Export. The export with date, quantity, price and destination must be published on line to avoid low priced export.
(iii) Research Institute have to pay attention on physiological order of a rubber tree to maintain the health of a tree and to avoid diseases like brown bast.
(iv) As per the innovation of Dr. L. Thankamma with the grant from Center is in confusion. Provide technical evidence of the direction of the flow of latex within the bark.
(v) Don’t permit the media to publish daily prices which is not available on the site of Rubber Board.
3. Govt of India will provide the situation to join hands with each other related with Rubber including synthetic, natural and reclaimed rubber
(i) Take action on low priced Export and Import below Domestic Price
(ii) Anti-dumping duty must be implemented on low price import to save Growers, Dealers and small scale Industries.
(iii) Provide tapper training to the work force from North Eastern States and permit them to work on Estates in Kerala. It will help them to go back home with a job his own State.
(iv) Verify the agreements permits “Nil duty” import of raw materials through neighboring Countries. Ref:

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Thank you for the schedule of

Thank you for the schedule of the programs. They programs will be conducted by well skilled people. People should grab this opportunity.

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