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Role of SMS ( Agri. Extn.) in KVK

Role of SMS ( Agri. Extn.) still not clear. They are involved in preparation / assisting in all the reports of KVK , implementing FLDs along with other SMSs of KVK, Organizing/ Conducting training programmes for farmers and extension functionaries, extension activities like field days, field visit, diagnostic field visits. Participates in exhibitions, conducting method demonstrations. Involved in attending meetings related to ATMA, working in collaboration with all line departments, in contact with all leading NGOs.

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Concept of subject matter specialist

Concept of subject matter specialist has been taken from the success of lab to land programme, training and visit programme and FLD programmes. SMSs are specialists of particular subject and can conduct scientific evaluation (OFT), demonstration (FLD) and training to extension personals as well as rural youth. They provide direct interaction between farmers and scientist (SMS ownself) for effective technology dissemination and adoption. Besides, it other related works are, expected from them for the benefit of rural farmers.

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