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Ring pit planting method

Ring/pit method of planting

Ring planting (90x45 cm) system increased the crop yield up to 180 t/ha at IISR. In each ring (pit) about 22 three budded setts are placed horizontally in a circular manner. The crop under ring planting consists mainly of mother shoots which are thicker and heavier.

Suitable for:

  • Drought prone areas
  • Undulating topography
  • Light textured soils
  • Saline - sodic soils
  • Multiple ratooning
  • High yielding, tall and thick cane varieties
  • However, labour and capital intensive
  • High seed requirement

Merit and limitations of Pit planting


  • 1. Less irrigation water is require
  • 2. Nutrient use efficiency is enhanced due to localized placement
  • 3. Increase the opportunity of employment generation
  • 4. Higher sugarcane yield of plant cane as well as ratoon
  • 5. Greater efficiency of solar energy utilization
  • 6. Prevent lodging both for plant cane and multi ratoons


  • 1. Availability of pit digger machine for making ring/pit in the fields
  • 2. More requirement of labours for manual pit making, mixing of manure and fertilizer with soil in the pit, covering of set with soil




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