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Rice mealy bug

Rice mealy bug: Brevennia rehi (Lindinger)

Local name: Hittu tigane

Damage symptoms

  • Wilting of plants
  • Yellowish curled leaves
  • Damaged spots or chakdhora or soorai disease


Chemical control

  • Dusting of chloropyriphos @ 0.5 kg/acre to destroy surviving stages on alternate hosts.
  • Application of phorate 10 G @ 75g or carbofuron 3 G @ 1.25kg/ seed bed followed by light  irrigation.
  • Follow carbofuron 3G @4kg/acre or phorate 10G @ 5kg/acre or quinolphos 4% @12kg/acre to soil.
  • At 10-12 DAS and 20-25 DAT apply monocrotophos 1.3ml/l(500ml/acre) or chloropyriphos  2.5ml/l (700ml/acre) or 2ml/l phasalone (800ml/acre) or 2g carbaryl 50% WSP or 0.2g (80kg/acre) thiomethyoxon 25WG or 0.3ml (100ml/acre) imidachloprid 17.8SL in 1 liter of water.

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