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Rice leaf folder

Rice Leaf  Folder : Cnaphalocrosis medinalis (Guenee) L

Kannada name Yele Suruli Hulu, Yele Madachuva Hulu, Gari Suttuva Hulu

The rice leaf folder is a sporadic pest.

Pest description:


  • Whitish yellow or golden yellow with three black bands on the forewings, either complete or incomplete.
  • Wing span of 13 to 18 mm 


  • disc-shaped ovoid eggs laid singly


  • Pale yellowish to green in colour


  • The pupa is light brown or bright brown.
  • With age, it turns reddish brown.
  • It is 6 to 12 mm long.

Period of occurrence: Seedling to Flowering

Extent of yield loss: Before panicle initiation up to 50 % leaf damage do not affect yield, but, damage to the flag leaf can reduce the yield (IRRI).

Damage symptoms:

  • Longitudinal white and transparent streaks on leaf blades are created which later giving scorched appearance.
  • Folded leaf with larva inside along with excreta
  • Sickly appearance of the filed

Transparent streaks  Leaf folding RLF affected field

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