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Rice hispa

Rice hispa : Dicladispa armigera (Olivier) (Coleoptera ; Chrysomelidae)
Kannada name : Mullu chippina dumbhi
Period of occurrence : Seedling to Maturity stage

Extent of yield loss:

20% yield loss

This pest breeds actively from May to October and hibernates during winter probably in the adult stage.

Pest description:

Eggs: White. It is small and oval. In May, the beetles start laying eggs on nursery plants on the lower surface of leaf.

Grub: Very small, apodous and creamy white. Both grub and pupae are found in the leaf tissue.

Pupa: Brown and round.

Adult: Blue-black and very shiny. Its wings have many spines.

Damage symptoms:

  • Grubs make tunneling through leaf tissue causing irregular translucent white patches that -are parallel to the leaf veins.
  • Damaged areas have white streaks that are parallel to the midrib

Hispa afftected field

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